Michelle Vink

Both an adaptive innovator and dynamic entrepreneur, Michelle Vink has the focus, drive, resources and ambition to create, develop and execute any project. 

Starting her entrepreneurial career in her early teens, Michelle has always had an unquenchable desire to learn and evolve. Vink has built years of experience in the world of luxury, travel, beauty and lifestyle brands. Building her early career with companies like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus and traveling extensively for both business and pleasure, Vink has gained a global understanding of business from the inside out. Using this insight paired with her own discipline and ambition, she bootstrapped her own business and launched VinkMedia.

With over 10 years at her own company, Vink has had the privilege of working on government projects, notable global brands, and high profile individuals. With her extensive network, strategic thinking and vibrant creativity paired with her discipline and energy, Michelle has established a track record of success. 

Philanthropy has also been an important part of Vink's life. She is an active volunteer for "The Art of Elysium" and on the advisory board for the children's foundation, "In A Perfect World" and has supported numerous nonprofits in both her professional and personal life. Michelle has also been a long time patron of the arts and has been a guest speaker at marketing & public relations classes at FIDM in Los Angeles. 

In November 2015, Vink was honored as "Most Compelling Woman In Travel"  for her work with tourism media.